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About our company

The company “Get Consult” LTD (UIC 201044795), is registered in Bulgaria as an insurance Broker.

Certificate of registration as an insurance broker in Bulgaria – № 255-3B / 20.09.2010

We have been successfully working in the online insurance market in Bulgaria since 2013!

Since 2013, we have been working in the insurance market of Bulgaria under the brand Our main clients are immigrants from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. You are the 2018-th year, our website, on partnership conditions has been integrated into the system of the European project for the sale of medical policies “Euromedins”. Our site has been changed and now works on the domain All customer reviews were transferred from the old to the new site, as well as the key articles created to explain the ins and outs of insurance in Bulgaria.

We are an expert in the insurance market and suggest that you choose insurance on our website. We honestly and accurately conduct our business, as we are interested in our development, and in the development of sales of insurance policies of Bulgarian insurance companies through the Internet.

Over the past years of our work in the insurance market, we have rather deeply studied the insurance market in Bulgaria, its pros and cons. As a result, we work within the framework of those opportunities that are limited by the ceiling of professionalism of insurance company employees (unfortunately we are forced to note that it is low and we always have to talk and write about it). We try to inform the consumer as much as possible about the problems arising in this sector and try to ensure that people avoid them. Repeatedly helped to solve problems with insurance companies, even those who bought policies not through us.