Frequently asked Questions

How to order insurance policy?

We have instructions for you! Read instruction.

I do not have an address in Bulgaria, what should I do?

The presence of an address is a formality. If you do not have an address, leave the field blank. We will write the address of our office in the policy. This is allowed.

Can I make payment with a non-Bulgarian bank card?

You can pay for insurance by debit or credit card systems VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO and other similar, with the exception of local payment systems.

Payment takes place in BGN at the exchange rate of the bank that issued the card.

Refusal to pay by card is possible only on the part of your bank, and also in case of suspicion of operation on “Fraud” according to the rules of the Bulgarian BORIC system. In any case, if the operation is refused, first of all you need to contact the bank that issued the card.

Details on payment and delivery

I decided to abandon the insurance policy. How to return the money?

Refund on the insurance policy is possible in full before the expiration of 24 hours from the date of purchase, but only if the policy has not yet started the action.

In other cases, for a refund you need to interact directly with the insurance company whose policy you purchased. Independently, through a power of attorney or through us.

Also you can read more in Return policy section

Do you have a franchise in your policies?

No, at the moment we do not sell medical policies with a franchise.

Where to find insurance conditions?

We have a separate page dedicated to the conditions of insurance in the Bulgarian insurance companies. Go to page.

What is the maximum term of medical insurance for foreigners in Bulgaria?

The maximum term of medical insurance for foreigners is 1 year in one policy. You can buy several policies for a longer period, for one insured person. It should be noted that the date of commencement of the insurance policy cannot be later than 364 days from the current date. That is, if today is January 20, 2019, then you can buy a policy no later than January 19, 2020 for a period of not more than one year. For this reason, if you need to buy insurance covering the maximum period, there is a trick. It means that the policy for a shorter period shall be ordered on dates within 364 days and from the final date you can buy another policy with a validity of up to one year. Also, it is not forbidden to overlap the terms of one policy with another policy. It is important that you can get a refund in case of an insured event only for one of the insurance policies (in other words, you cannot apply twice for one insured event in one or two/three companies) if you have several policies active on a certain date.

Now I am 69 years old and the insurance will take effect from the age of 70, it is expensive. How to save?

Let us look at the example of Unika Life Company which sells insurance at the same price up to the age of 69 inclusive, but since 70 years old the cost increases.

Now you are 69 years old and your birthday is in a week. You need insurance with the start of action after 2 weeks. If you purchase a policy with the beginning of its action until your next birthday, you will buy it at the price of 0-69 years old. Thus you can save.

Many insurance companies work with medical insurance in Bulgaria, why do you have so few of them?

The reasons why we sell a limited line of foreigners’ health insurance policies are disappointing and we will describe them here. 1. We are not sure that we will be able to help you, if those companies, whose policies we do not sell you, will reject you to pay insurance compensation. 2. The working conditions of many insurance companies make it clear that they are not interested in working with foreigners. We do not mean commissions under working conditions which we are undoubtedly interested in but bureaucracy leading to a huge loss of your and our time.

Do I need an original insurance policy?

In order for the insurance company to identify you, you only need to know the number of the insurance policy. You can also be identified by passport number and name. Therefore, there is no need for an original insurance policy.

In the migration police of some regions of Bulgaria (for example, Burgas), they want to see only the originals of the policies, with a seal. In other areas of Bulgaria, migration police accept printed insurance policy.

Consulates and embassies of Bulgaria. For the last seven years, there has not been a single case when the original insurance policy would have been required. You can order the delivery of originals to any country in the world. Two options are available – regular mail and DHL.

I lost my health insurance policy. What should I do?

We always send insurance policies to email. If you did not find the insurance policy there, you can write to us and we will send you a copy. You can also take the insurance policy in the site account. (Log in to your account, go to the “Orders” tab, open your order and find your insurance policy. You can also find your policies in the “Downloads” tab).

How can I pay for insurance?

You can read about it here

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