What is a partner program and how does it work?

Technical details look pretty simple. If you are registered as a partner and provide a link to our website to someone with a specific code such as ?ref=xx, the website shall remember this visit as a visit of your customer. If using the same device this person immediately or later makes a purchase, the system shall automatically credit you a partner fee. Read a detailed description of the process in terms of following a link in subsection ‘Partner Program General Principles’.

Requirements to partners

We do not apply specified requirements to new partners but limit our offer referring only to active (not in theory but in fact) people. In our opinion, the offer shall be relevant and revenue-generating only if a partner regularly provides links to us on highly visited resources on the Internet. We do not actually limit the registration of any persons as partners. We also notify you that upon payment receipt, you will need your ID to complete the payment.

How should you choose us as a partner in the sale of insurance policies?

Reliability. First of all, we represent the interests of an official insurance broker registered in Bulgaria. Unlike many organizations and agents on the market breaking laws, we properly conduct our business.

Competence. Working with us, you will not have to blush in front of those whom you have advised us. You will be calm and confident that if a person works with us, he shall receive the best service for health insurance policies in Bulgaria by contacting us from anywhere in the world.

We have already serious trustful partners. For example, the largest Bulgarian-Russian- news portal https://rus.bg/ and also the forum http://peopleandcountries.com/ (one of the major international sites) cooperate with us.

Minimal participation in the process. If you are the owner of the site, then your concern is to install our link in the right place and advertise it. If you do not have a site, you can give a link to our website to your friends or post on social networks. There are also options for partnership and without the use of partner links.

Promo materials for advertising. Various banners and images appropriate for any website.

Extra offered insurance options (labor, sport) increasing the cost of policies if such options were chosen.

We offer affordable prices set by insurance companies and do not seek to sell services cheaply, since the number of our extra services is in proportion to the cost of policies which means that your commission will be more than if we were engaged in predatory pricing.

Qualitive informational articles. We understand the interests of people and publish interesting articles in the Information section. You can link to these articles by adding your partner tag to the link, after which the user will be permanently assigned to you as a partner.* Alerts on new information materials of each partner are made by e-mail. Also, there is a 10-day silence period which is given to partners so that they publish information on the Internet with their partner links and earn. We publish information without our partner links (except for paid advertising on Facebook), which means that we do not change your partner links and if a person who visited our site earlier via your link uses our ordinary link, the information about its source will not change).

Adaptation for social networks. When publishing links on the social network any material from our website will show a beautiful, noticeable and attractive and wide image. See the examples of our publications on Facebook.

Convenient and true statistics and records of clicks and purchases. Our updated partner’s personal account contains all the necessary partner information. Every click, source of conversion, conversion of partner’s traffic are taken into account. Here is a self-explanatory accounting of payments.

Payment of a commission shall be made on a demand within 3 working days. We notify that in a year this condition shall be amended and the period shall be two weeks.

Confidentiality. We communicate about payments and any other characteristics of the partner program only via the partner’s email address. In case of loss of access to e-mail, we shall identify and confirm a partner’s identity.

Offline Partnership

In order to receive a commission you shall not give someone a link to the website on any network resources. You can simply advise us to your friends, relatives, anyone, help them find us on the Internet and thereafter, within 12 hours tell us about your recommendation and give us the data necessary for identifying customers of the service.

Be aware that we do not work via phone calls and you have to inform us by e-mail about each such recommendation. In addition, if you do not want to have any delays in payments or be sure that we have taken your application into account, register in our partner program. Thus we will tie such a sale to your partner account and explicitly consider all the data according to your recommendations.

Recommendations for increasing earnings in our partner program:

  1. Regular publication of partner links to new materials posted on our website.
  2. Mastering a minimum of information about insurance and participating in discussions on insurance on forums, social networks and other places where foreigners are interested in health insurance, as well as providing partner links if it is appropriate in the context of a specific discussion.

Partner Program General Principles

The user of our system shall be identified by a partner link. In the case of an order by your user, the partner shall receive a partner’s extra fee.

Partner’s link exists indefinitely. (Technical explanation – cookies are immortal).

Following a link of another partner we take the accrual into account made to the last partner.

Partner’s link can be placed on any page of our website with the parameter ?ref=XX, where XX is specific partner tag.

Partner fee shall not be charged on purchases made by a partner. This characteristic is subject to discussion, as a rule, we give the partner an individual discount code that is equal to or greater than the partner fee and its use is preferable in the case of ordering policies for ourselves or our business needs.

With our partners, we are ready to discuss any characteristics of our standard work with their customers and to individualize the work as much as possible.

Partner Statuses

Level 1 – total sales from BGN 0 to 1,000. Commission is 7%
Level 2 – total sales from 1,000 to 4,999. Commission is 8 %
Level 3 – total sales from 5,000 to 9,999. Commission is 9 %
Level 4 – total sales from BGN 10,000 and more. Commission is 10 %

When calculating the status, the amount of total sales for all types of insurance shall be taken into account, including tax and discounts.

Partner Fee Calculation

The calculation of the partner fee is carried out by formula:

Commission = Police price – 2 % (tax) – discount /100 х V,
where V – the value of the commission due to you on the assigned status of a partner.


  • if UNIQA LIFE policy is sold at a price of 163.2, then after the police sale via your link as the basic partner (7%), you will receive a charge of 163.2 – 2% = 160/100 * 7 = BGN 11.6.
  • if the buyer has a discount, for example 5%, then the calculation will be as follows: 163.2 – 2% = 160 – 5 % = 152 / 100 * 7 = BGN 10.64.

Partner Registration and Login

Registration and subsequent entry into the partner program is carried at

After registration, you should email us with your login and write that you want to become a partner, as the administrator needs to activate your account.

Promo materials are at https://bg.euromedins.com/promo/

Prohibitions during the work with our partner program

  1. It is forbidden to advertise website in spamming.
  2. It is forbidden to break the rules of the communities where you give a link to the website.
  3. It is forbidden to mislead potential buyers by providing incorrect information about the services sold.
  4. Hard-sell advertising in personal messages is forbidden.

Frequently asked questions and answers on the partner program

Partner program may not consider the click via partner link only if acting as a partner you are authorized in your personal account and make the click via your partner link in the same browser. In order to conduct an experiment with clicks, simply follow the link in another browser, where you are not authorized in your account on our website.

On our website you cannot get a commission for the sale to yourself. But if you are our partner and at least one sale is made via your link, we shall give you a discount (coupon) for the purchase of insurance policies, with a percentage equal to your partner fee in the partner program.

You can sign in and become a partner, but, unfortunately, you cannot receive payment. There are two options here. The first is to save money on our account before the 18th anniversary. Second, we can talk with your parents and try to convince them to give you your commission after they receive it for you.